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Cyanoacrylates Briefing: Part Two – Dispensing suggestions.

We spoke recently about cyanoacrylates; their bonding characteristics, potential problems and solutions. Part two of our discussion reviews several methods of dispensing them. There are a number of methods to dispense cyanoacrylates: – Use barrels or cartridges – Dispense directly

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Cyanoacrylate; Quick Breifing on “Instant” adhesives.

Cyanoacrylate is an instant adhesive with three (3) principal chemical components, namely: methyl, ethyl, and butyl. Cyanoacrylate is generally a clear liquid with a viscosity from 3 cps to 2000 cps. The higher viscosity cyanoacrylates are referred to as “gap-filling”.

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The Murray Percival Company will showcase Fisnar Dispensing Solutions at SMTA’s Ohio Valley Expo

Mid-West headquartered, national electronics distributor Murray Percival Company, ( will be welcoming visitors to this year’s Ohio Valley chapter SMTA Expo and Tech Forum with an array of technology and business solutions for printed circuit board assembly and repair companies

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Powerfully Green

TECHSPRAY RENEW™ branded cleaners are innovative solutions that combine the best of current “green” technologies to make the most powerful green cleaners on the market. Techspray® has applied over 30 years experience in solvent cleaning to formulate products that meet

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