Mike Leeds appointed as Newest Business Development Manager

Mike Leeds appointed - Murray PercivalMurray Percival Company is pleased to announce the appointment of Mike Leeds as the newest member of the Murray Percival technical sales team covering the Southern Ohio, Kentucky and Southern Indiana territory.

Previous to joining the Murray Percival team Mike worked as an account manager in the mechanical and industrial engineering industries with a proven record of success. Mike is thrilled to join the Murray Percival team and looks forward to a long and productive career with the experienced 58 year old company.

Our President, Murray Percival Jr stated “We are excited and honored to have Mike join our team. He is family orientated, puts character first and will serve our customers and principals well. Welcome aboard Mike.”

The Murray Percival Company provides a wide array of equipment, process improvements and consumables to the printed circuit board assembly and repair industries.  Representing over 60 different manufacturers, they maintain a multi-state technical sales force and provide on-demand shipping of thousands of products throughout the continental United States from their Michigan based warehouse.


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Murray Percival Sales team attends ERSA National Sales Meeting

The 2 days in May were packed full of engaging activities and presentations. These presentations were designed to educate and build confidence, plus foster collaboration and best practice sharing and provide plenty of opportunity for hands-on experience on the machines, rework and optical control systems

Murray Percival Sales team attends ERSA National Sales Meeting

Murray Percival Sales team attends ERSA National Sales Meeting

Albrecht Beck, President and CFO of Kurtz Ersa Inc. kicked off proceedings with a welcome speech and then, along with VP Ernie Grice, presented Kurtz Ersa’s current sales successes and key corporate data, followed by the portfolio of tools and machines.

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Murray Percival Company collects Hanwha Techwin ‘Most Improved rep of the Year’ award.

National electronics distributor Murray Percival Company, is proud to announce it is the recipient of the Hanwha Techwin “Most Improved Rep” award for 2017 for its sales of Hanwha Techwin pick and place machines, from entry level to full line solutions.  The award is presented to the representative that has achieved the greatest increase in sales over the previous year.  The award was presented at last month’s IPC Apex show. Read More…

MP Team pickign up the most improved rep of 2017 award.

MP Team picking up the most improved rep of 2017 award.

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Murray Percival Co. and the Michigan SMTA Golf Outing

Last Monday, on September 11th, the Murray Percival Co. along with numerous vendors and customers teamed up to attended the Michigan-SMTA Technical meeting and Golf outing at Oak Pointe Country Club in Brighton, MI.

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How do I apply Conformal Coating? Which application method is best for me?

Which Conformal Coating to use is a question that we get asked frequently.

However, Conformal Coating application is AS important, if not MORE important than selecting the right material for your application.  Even the best Conformal Coating, if it is applied poorly, will provide inadequate levels of protection.

This is due to a number of factors;

  • The thickness the coating is applied
  • the level of coverage achieved
  • and how well the coating sticks to the board and it’s components

It is important therefore to select the right application method for the coating selected.

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How do you Neutralize a Static Charge on Something that Cannot be Grounded?

workbench evaluation using Desco static field meter

Wrist straps and work surface mats are some of the most common devices used to remove static charges. Wrist straps drain charges from operators and a properly grounded mat will provide path-to-ground for for exposed ESD susceptible devices . However, what if the static charge in question is on something that cannot be grounded – an insulator or isolated conductor? All electronic products consist of conductors and insulators. And insulators and isolated conductors can be items used at the workstation such as hand tools, packaging materials, or fixtures. Read more ›

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Long Term Storage of Moisture-Sensitive Devices

SuperDry Totech MSD Long Term Storage Cabinet
Rapid changes in packaging design and material force companies to purchase forward quantities to guard against the impact of component obsolescence on their final product.

Product lifecycles have become very short with new models being released sooner than ever before. Many manufacturers in industries including automobiles, aviation and avionics, military and railway must guarantee the availability of replacement parts (including PCBs) for 10 or even 20 years. This demands the advance purchase and extended storage of components and materials. Further complicating the problem is that most components cannot be stored for more than a few years without very special handling procedures.

IPC JEDEC Standards

Though the original document was released almost two decades ago, and new technologies have been introduced since, IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033 addresses a broad range of fundamentals regarding moisture-sensitive devices and their proper handling. Updated several times since its initial publication, the 2012 Rev C clarified some storage time definitions, but very long term storage of the extent faced by manufacturers mentioned above is not completely addressed.

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