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AmeriVacS Impulse and Vacuum Sealers in action

From sensitive electronics, to sterile medical devices, food to biotech applications, and aerospace technology, Murray Percival Company latest addition to their product offering, AmeriVacS sealers are the ideal centerpiece of any packaging program. Below you can click to view videos

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Your old used soldering tips are worth $$$$

Recycle your used worn out soldering tip and get credit towards the purchase of new tips. Why just toss your old tips away in the garbage when you can save the environment and money!! For decades the Murray A. Percival

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MANA Membership Cert

The Murray Percival Company is please to announce that we are entering into our 27th year as MANA Representative Member. As a member we ascribe to MANA Code of Ethics to guide our many relationships throughout the Industry. This is

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Eliminate Solder Bridging in BGA Devices

Solder bridging is a defect that commonly occurs during reflow of BGA devices. The BGA device can warp during reflow causing adjacent BGA spheres to come in contact and form a solder bridge. The BGA spheres located in the corners

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