Alpha and Murray A. Percival Company Celebrate A Milestone of A 40-Year Partnership

Murray A. Percival Company and Alpha teamed up 40 years ago as partners to provide the latest in soldering materials to the Midwest’s fast growing electronics industry. From their first stocking order of Alpha products on August 1, 1974, Murray Percival has added tremendous value to the Alpha business by providing exceptional customer service and support.

“Alpha is proud of its 40 year partnership with Murray Percival. Their commitment to service and desire to be a customer advocate helps provide swift answers to issues or problems,” said Bob Davis, Alpha’s VP Sales – Americas Region. “Everyone on the Murray Percival team is viewed as an extension of the Alpha family. Murray Percival Sr.’s hard work and dedication has served his customers well over the years and we are pleased to see his high standards being passed down from generation to generation.”

Murray Percival Jr. recalls an early example of collaboration where Alpha designed a unique solder preform for a Ford Motor Company alternator application in which power diodes and copper heat sinks were soldered using high temperature preforms. “You can feel the power when Alpha teams up with us to help a customer solve a soldering problem”, he said. “They treat us like family. We’ll often pull in an Alpha technical support person to provide advice and get a customer’s process humming.” More recently the two companies have put their heads together to qualify Alpha’s latest LED Solder Paste with a major Automotive OEM making headlamps and daytime running lamps. “Partnering with Alpha allows us to provide advanced soldering solutions that create value for our customers.”

The uniqueness of this relationship is also something worth mentioning. “It is not common for Channel Partners and Principals to have this type of long-standing, dedicated partnership,” said Alpha’s Regional Marketing Manager, Michael A. Previti. “However when they do exist, the customers see a benefit as the two companies work together and can often appear as one company in the customer’s eyes. This helps to build and strengthen our brand in territories where the outstanding reputation of Murray Percival already prevails”.

Alpha and Murray Percival  will continue to provide an exceptional level of service to its electronic assembly customers to ensure their expectations are met. As Alpha’s entry into the LED, Power and Photovoltaic market segments continue, so will the collaboration with Murray Percival to provide superior, high technology solutions to our valued customers.

Murray Percival Company offers thousands of capital and consumable products for virtually every facet of printed circuit electronics assembly and repair. With more than 60 manufacturers to choose from, Murray Percival Co. is ready to take on your challenges with technical information, and over 59 years of experience in the circuit board manufacturing and repair industry. We have a multi-state technical sales force, as well as, on-demand shipping to anywhere in the continental United States. Our "We Know How" knowledge base provides in-depth support information for many of our products. We also offer competitive specialty pricing for customers that register on our Web Store.

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    Great article Congrats

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