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Your old used soldering tips are worth $$$$

Recycle your used worn out soldering tip and get credit towards the purchase of new tips. Why just toss your old tips away in the garbage when you can save the environment and money!! For decades the Murray A. Percival

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Coming Soon… The ‘Power of One’ Perfect Printing Tutorial Series

“Perfect Printing…  We Know How” It’s no secret that perfect printing demands the understanding and control of hundreds of process variables. Let us show you how to dissect the complexities of high yield stencil printing. (Fishbone – Stencil Printing Factors)

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Cleaning and Maintenance of SMT and THT Soldering Equipment

Cleaning and maintaining critical electronic assembly equipment like reflow ovens, wave soldering systems and selective soldering units takes specialized cleaners and tools. Techspray offers products that cut through baked-on flux and leave no ionic residues that can migrate to PCBs

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Murray Percival Company is now partnered with Akrometrix

Murray Percival Company now represents Akrometrix Surface Measurement Tools. Michigan headquartered, national electronics provider Murray Percival Company, ( has announced the addition of Akrometrix non-destructive surface measurement tools to their extensive lineup of electronics assembly and repair product offerings. Akrometrix

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Enclosed Pump Heads for Stencil Printing

Enclosed print heads have been in use by board assemblers for the past several years as an alternate technology to conventional squeegee printing. By design, enclosed print heads offer several advantages one of which is isolating the solder paste from

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If you can’t rinse, you can’t clean…

Though it’s quite popular today to predict the demise of Moore’ Law, (“the number of transistors on a chip doubles approximately every two years”) nonetheless high reliability electronic devices continue to build faster processing speed and memory capacity using increasing

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How do YOU know your thermal processes are in control?

Is your business made up of mainly low volume/high mix customers? If you run a contract house you have little room for error when reflowing solder paste. You can’t afford to scrap any assemblies and every one must be soldered

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