Your old used soldering tips are worth $$$$

Recycle your used worn out soldering tip and get credit towards the purchase of new tips. Why just toss your old tips away in the garbage when you can save the environment and money!! For decades the Murray A. Percival Co. has offered our customers programs to recycle there solder dross, solder paste and solder paste scrap. Now we bring you this original tip recycling program from our partner Weller Tools. By recycling the copper, iron and other metals used in manufacturing soldering tips you can do your part towards helping the environment and preserving its natural resources. Contact us to receive your free Tip Recycling Box to start saving today.

Call our customer service department at 248-276-9970 to request you free tip box

AP-MHP-Tip Recycling Box-20141030.pix

Click here to download the Tip Recycling brochure


Murray Percival Company offers thousands of capital and consumable products for virtually every facet of printed circuit electronics assembly and repair. With more than 60 manufacturers to choose from, Murray Percival Co. is ready to take on your challenges with technical information, and over 59 years of experience in the circuit board manufacturing and repair industry. We have a multi-state technical sales force, as well as, on-demand shipping to anywhere in the continental United States. Our "We Know How" knowledge base provides in-depth support information for many of our products. We also offer competitive specialty pricing for customers that register on our Web Store.

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