Lead Free Solder Update

With lead free solder alloy becoming more popular for electronics manufacturers to use, the question arises are you using the most cost effective lead free solder alloy?

Allow us to introduce you into a new lead free alloy that goes by the name of SnCX Plus 07, developed and produced by our partners Alpha.

What is SnCX Plus 07?

The SnCX Plus 07 is a new, cost-effective, silver free, lead-free solder alloy from Alpha that delivers superior performance and high reliability. Comprised of tin, copper and a small amount of additives to enhance the alloy properties the SnCX Plus 07 is mainly engineered to be a cost effective alternative to silver-bearings alloys.

There are still many benefits that can be gained by having some silver in the Alloy and as such, so here at Murray Percival we still promote and stock Alpha’s SACX Plus and SAC305 alloys.

Why would we want to offer another alloy for lead-free?

We recognize that there is a sizable part of the market that has decided to go with a silver free alloy for their lead-free processes. Primary drivers for customers going this route are typically, the lower cost of a silver free alloy, and the shinier appearance of the solder joints. With SnCX Plus 07, Alpha can now offer customers that desire a silver free alloy with an offering that offers performance advantages over competitive silver free alloys.

Our SnCX Plus 07 Alloy contains all the same “X and Plus” Elements as we supply in our SACX Plus

Alloys and special additives that offer:

  • Lowers the liquidous temp, aids in wetting, and improves fatigue resistance for greater mechanical reliability
  • Decreases Copper Dissolution
  • Dross Reduction Additive

Advantages of SnCX Plus 07

  • Faster wetting times with Higher wetting force, delivers:
  • Fewer bridges = Higher Yield
  • Better Hole-Fill = Higher Yield
  • Higher Creep Strength = better long term reliability
  • Highest joint strength of all non-silver, lead-free alloys
  • Joints are shiny similar to competitive materials and not dull like SAC305
  • Vaculoy manufacturing process and unique additives minimize dross
  • Substantially lower cost antioxidant replenishment
  • Overall, better value and lower total process costs due to above advantages

Murray Percival Company offers thousands of capital and consumable products for virtually every facet of printed circuit electronics assembly and repair. With more than 60 manufacturers to choose from, Murray Percival Co. is ready to take on your challenges with technical information, and over 59 years of experience in the circuit board manufacturing and repair industry. We have a multi-state technical sales force, as well as, on-demand shipping to anywhere in the continental United States. Our "We Know How" knowledge base provides in-depth support information for many of our products. We also offer competitive specialty pricing for customers that register on our Web Store.

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