Accelerate Existing Drying Processes Without Elevated Temperatures

Ultra low humidity can accelerate any drying process.  Super Dry® XSD cabinets create an atmosphere holding only 0.05 grams of H2O per cubic meter. The relative humidity produced by this state-of-the-art system is as low as 0.3% RH.  And it consumes less than 50W/hr to do so.

This produces a “moisture vacuum” that releases water molecules from the materials into which they have been absorbed…even at ambient temperatures.  Any moisture absorbent, heat sensitive material can be dried with no risk of thermal damage.  Materials and existing processes that can safely employ heat dry even faster.

Super Dry® XSD cabinets Coatings, sprays, powders, nano fibers, and molding pellets are a few examples. Power transformer insulating paper is yet another, as well as electronic components, printed circuit boards and assemblies.  All can be dried safely and gently, and the ultra low humidity environment also stops the corrosion of oxidation prone materials.

For materials and processes that can withstand elevated temperature, the XSD also provides up to 60C  of adjustable heat that can accelerate the drying process.  60C at 0.5% in most applications yields faster drying than at 90C or 120C ambient environments.

The XSD is constructed with an insulated stainless steel enclosure that maintains uniform temperature while maximizing energy efficiency.  It employs 0.8% accuracy sensors and a closed loop regeneration process that responds dynamically to the load on the cabinet.  Thus, doors can be opened and multiple batches of materials processed without concern for interruption.  The desiccant that is used is a “molecular sieve”  that never needs to be touched or replaced.


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