The Murray Percival Company will showcase Fisnar Dispensing Solutions at SMTA’s West Penn Expo

Mid-West headquartered, national electronics distributor Murray Percival Company will be welcoming visitors to this year’s West Penn SMTA Expo and Tech Forum with an array of technology and business solutions for printed circuit board assembly and repair companies of all sizes. It will be held on Thursday, August 14 at The Doubletree Hotel in Monroeville, PA.

A regular exhibitor at these SMTA events, MP Company this week will showcase a special selection of their equipment and MRO product suppliers. Featured will be dispensing technology from Fisnar, a provider of solutions from manual to fully automatic.

These are just some of thousands of items available at “Electronics Hottest Web Store,” and Murray Percival team members will be on hand to help visitors discover and explore a variety of time and money saving resources available there. Launched in 2011, Murray Percival web store offers a unique e-Commerce experience featuring specialty products acutely focused on the needs of printed circuit board assembly and repair companies. Its special navigation and search functions are designed to “think the way you do” and help deliver the company’s multi-faceted “Power of One” technical and commercial initiatives.

“We’re proud of our 54 years experience solving problems for electronics manufacturers,” explained President Murray Percival, Jr. “Today our solutions extend widely across product and technology but also to business issues such as efficient procurement and supply chain logistics. Our Enhanced Vendor Partnership program includes a selection of special services proven to eliminate waste and streamline typically complex, inefficient and costly MRO management processes.”

Learn more at Murray Percival Company


Murray Percival Company offers thousands of capital and consumable products for virtually every facet of printed circuit electronics assembly and repair. With more than 60 manufacturers to choose from, Murray Percival Co. is ready to take on your challenges with technical information, and over 59 years of experience in the circuit board manufacturing and repair industry. We have a multi-state technical sales force, as well as, on-demand shipping to anywhere in the continental United States. Our "We Know How" knowledge base provides in-depth support information for many of our products. We also offer competitive specialty pricing for customers that register on our Web Store.

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